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I'm Sydnie

I combine documentary storytelling with my obsession for nostalgia to create images with emotion & detail to the sacred in-between moments that remind us of the brevity of life. My hope is always to bring you back to the moments that make you feel the most alive. It is truly an honor to document what matters, and it's the small in between moments without words that create the memories we will look back on forever.. 

If you’re looking for a photographer that encompasses all of your essence by capturing the natural beautifully organic moments of your wedding day. You’re in the right place. Get in touch via the enquiry form below.




My philosophy

will always will be serving you by providing images that evoke emotion and nostalgia. 
After being a wedding photographer over a decade, the entire process of my work has ended in deep friendships and beautiful moments that are absolutely priceless.
I am more than honored to be able to take a documentary approach as I get to artfully capture your story through my lens and perspective.  

If you’re looking for a photographer who cares a whole lot, and is emotionally invested in you and your story, I might be your photographer.

the stories I capture

Sydnie is so great. We felt it was important to look for a photographer we connected with since they are around most of the wedding day. My favorite part about the way she works is how comfortable she makes you feel, you can tell she is a seasoned photographer. She is truly amazing at what she does!!!

Sydnie really knows how to make you feel comfortable & was more than just a vendor, she's the perfect amount of support system we didn’t know we needed throughout the day. We appreciate her, and are obsessed with our photos, like printed all over our home, obsessed.

Sydnie has an undeniable talent for capturing genuinely emotional moments in such a beautiful manner. Not to mention, she has an incredible sense for detail, and was reflected in the overall experience you have with her, the story she tells through her photography, and the presentation of your photos. We could not be happier with the results and feel so lucky to have had her as part of our wedding..
Thank you, Sydnie!”

As a recent bride, my advice is find a photographer that embraces the chaos and unexpected and whose photography style is much more candid. I say Sydnie catches all of that & more. We also didn’t feel any pressure to be perfect and just had so much fun which is the point, right? You won’t regret hiring Sydnie!

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