Hi, I'm Sydnie

I hope I'm still taking pictures when my hands are shaking....

I feel like this is what I was born to do, I'm not sure where my story starts with photography,  I do know I never  want it to end. When I was young, my mom would think I was at the neighbors house playing outside, when really...I was sitting for hours going neighbors photo albums. The magic of  making time stand still. After having my first child in 2019, the importance of time standing still is even more of a strong pull in my life to continue to grow  & learn in this art I call work. 

My philosophy when i'm behind my camera is to simply capture all that's happening in the moment, so that when you receive your gallery, you feel as though you’re opening up the beauty of your own love story.  Like a dream, you'll be able to live it all over again as your eyes behold the those moments that went by so fast. That's why photography is so important, it truly is what allows us to remember memories forever.
My simple ask of you, is that you enjoy the day and allow me to be there with you, like an old friend capturing all those little moments.

Random things about me that i love;
 Enneagram 4,  Birkenstocks, being comfortable, close friends, lit candles, vulnerability, healing, joy 


no. 3

I'm here to make your wedding day feel like the aroma of your grandma's favorite cookies — it's about the way this makes you feel.

Here's the beautiful truth: you don't need to feel awkward in front of the camera when the right person is behind it.

I believe the best photos are never posed — they’re the ones where you’re relaxed and having fun together. 

That’s why from the moment we meet, my goal is to make you feel comfortable and simply enjoy the moments we have together-this will allow for the images you see throughout my portfolio.

I capture natural, candid moments; but theres grit in setting the scene to make the moment happen.

I love

the way all your friends and family show up for you, the way your grandma grabs your hand & kisses your cheek, the way your best friend cries as she watches your first dance

I'm learning

every single wedding is so unique, to the way the music plays, to the getting ready songs are chosen, to the way the cake us cut, its all beautiful

I'm not about

your wedding day being about anyone other than you, I totally get it- we love our people and want them to feel special but its your wedding day, make it yours.

I believe

you should feel seen, valued and celebrated on a day is so special, you should feel the magic of it all.


no. 3


long hugs



— elana and patrick

She 's a treasure  and an intuitive photographer

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